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Headshots for Business Professionals

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In today's online working environment a good headshot photograph is essential for personnel of any business, government department, school, college or university. It's important to have a good visual representation of yourself on a company website and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


I offer various 'looks' from natural light to studio lighting with a grey or white backdrop. My lighting equipment is portable so the headshots can be taken in your workspace or office environment.


How much do you charge for a headshot session?

I charge £175.00 for the first hour then £125.00 per hour thereafter

Where will the photo session take place?

I have portable lighting and backdrop equipment so your session can take place at a location of your choice or your place of work

What should I wear for the photo shoot?

Plain coloured office work clothing with no patterns or wording works best. A change of clothes is also recommended for different looks. Light natural-looking make-up for ladies is also recommended and also none or minimal jewellery. Hair can be worn up or down as we can take shots both ways

How many images will I receive and when will I receive them?

I will take around 25 photos of each person, all images will be uploaded onto a password protected online gallery for you to view within 2 working days or sent via Dropbox link. After you have selected your chosen images I will then retouch these and send them via Dropbox link.

Will my final images be in colour or black & white?

The images will be colour but I can also supply black & white versions if required

Book your headshot photo session today!

"Delighted with the shots, there are plenty to choose from and the publisher really likes them. Thanks so much Ed" - Michael Spitzer


"Thank you so much for the headshots Ed. The response has been great and the agent loves them. Really chuffed with them :)"  - Lee Clotworthy


"Hi Ed, Fantastic headshots you did for Jessica! Thanks again" - Jeff Murphy


“Thank you so much Ed they’re amazing thank you Erin is chuffed with them x” - Bernie Otten

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